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Nature's Retreat

"Majestic Maloti Mountains".

Lesotho is the perfect destination for a nature retreat. You can immerse yourself in the majestic Maloti Mountains, and see the best wildlife. Adventure lovers can enjoy a ski trip during the country’s winter season.
The main attractions to visit are the parks and reserves. You can explore a variety of bird life at the Sehlabathebe National Park. You can also visit the Sani Pass, which is a world heritage site. The pass sits on the Drakensberg escarpment between Lesotho and South Africa. It is 2,874 meters above sea level.

The Ts’enhlanyane National Park is a scenic park that has an array of wildlife, birds, and flora. Its location is at the foot of the Holomo Pass at the Maloti Mountains.

The Bokong Nature Reserve overlooks the magnificent Lepaqoa Waterfall and Valley. It is the perfect place for a wellness retreat and hiking.

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